Watercolor Press Machine - Medical Machinery

    1. ZP15/17/19 rotary tablet press
    2. ZP15/17/19 Rotary Tablet Press
    3. 1 ZP15/17/19 rotary tablet press is a powder press machine.
      2 it could press oval shape, oblong shape, round shape, and other special shape tablet, if the customer change the different die and punches.
      3 This machine could press camphor ball, pill, Chemical tablet, the pill for animal. ...
    1. ZP13A 15A 17A 19A 21A
    2. ZP13A 15A 17A 19A 21A - Medical Machinery
    3. ZP13A 15A 17A 19A 21A Multi-functional Rotary Tablet Press .It has a wide scope of application. It is applicable not only to the pharmaceutical, medicine, pill and foodstuff industry but also the chemical, ceramic, electronic and battery industry. Such as the watercolor tablet, the disinfection tablet, the camphor tablet.