THP-100T Tablet Press Machine - Medical Machinery

THP-100T Tablet Press Machine

THP-100T Tablet Press Machine - Medical Machinery
THP-100T tablet press machine is our newly developed product. It is used for making the powder into tablet. This machine could make different shape and size tablet, such as the round tablet, oval tablet, and ring tablet. This machine is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry, food and chemical industry.
A  The tablet press machine is an automatic press machine
B  It is designed with big pressure, work stability
C  It is enclosed by stainless steel.
D  The machine speed could be adjusted.
E  The machine could press tablets of different shapes if you change the mould.

Technique parameters of Tablet Press Machine:

No type THP100T
1 Pressure 100T
2 the upper mould ‘s farest route 270mm
3 The material filling height 120mm
4 The max diameter of the Lower mould 200mm
5 Capacity 9-12time/min(adjusted)
6 Powder 15KW
7 Outside size of machine 2100*1200*2630
8 Machine weight 3800Kg