Oscillating Granulator - Medical Machinery

Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator - Medical Machinery
Oscillating granulator can be used for wet and dry granulation process. Adjustment, cleaning and operation are simple. Sturdy, durable, good productivity. The speed of the roller can be adjusted. All parts of our oscillating granulator are made of stainless steel. Our Oscillating granulator meets the GMP standard, plays an important part in the process of granulation in tablet making. The screen made of metal or stainless steel ensures high outputs and the quality of granules.
Powder mixer and granulation machine can be called as power press machine or medical press machine, they are used for mixing powder, making preparation for forming tablets or pills.

Model YK60 YK90 YK160
Roller Dia. (mm) 60 90 160
Capacity (kg/h) 20-30 50-100 200-300
Oscillation angle >360 >360 >360
Oscillation frequency (times/minute) 46 50 55
Motor power (KW) 0.25 0.55 2.2
Weight (kg) 55 150 330
Overall size (mm) 460*550*570 750*460*840 970*560*1240