Mosaic Press Machine - Medical Machinery

    1. ZPW21A(B) Rotary tablet press
    2. ZPW21A(B) Rotary Tablet Press
    3. ZPW21A(B)rotary tablet press is designed for pressing tablets from various kinds of granular materials.
      ZPW21A(B)rotary tablet press can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets, double-layer and annular tablets. The tablets may have the impressed letters on both sides. The turret carries 21 sets of ...
    1. ZPW21 23 Three layer tablet press
    2. ZPW21 23 Three Layer Rablet Press
    3. This tablet press machine could press the powder into two layers or three layer tablet. Also it is very good for the round piece, be carved characters, special shapes ...
    1. ZP25B 3 Layers tablet Press Machine
    2. ZP25B 3 Layers Tablet Press Machine
    3. Tablet press,is also could be called as the rotary tablet press machine,pill press machine, tablet compression machine and tablet making machine is for press the powder raw material into tablet. It is sepcial design for dealing with galss mosaic tablet ...