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ZL Rotary Granulator

ZL Rotary Granulator
Application of ZL Rotary Granulator:
ZL Rotary Granulator is used for mixing and granulation of materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. It also can crush abolished slice and dry materials into a granule. It is especially suitable for material of higher viscidity.
The parts of ZL Rotary Granulator that contact with the material are all made of stainless steel. The machine looks aesthetic, the structure is reasonable, granulation rate is high, discharges material automatically, prevents granules damaged by manual. ZL Rotary Granulator is suitable for line production.
Grinding blade of ZL Rotary Granulator and swaging blade rotate in opposite directions, keep swaging blade in a certain angle, swaging blade presses materials under the grinding blade, the spiral leaf in grinding blade pushes the materials into the sifter, the granules are extruded from the hole of sifter.

Powder mixer and granulation machine can be called as power press machine or medical press machine, they are used for mixing powder, making preparation for forming tablets or pills.
Technique Parameter of ZL Rotary Granulator

Model ZL250 ZL300
Trough capacity (L) 250 300
Granule Dia. (mm) 2-2.2 1.8-2.5
Overall size (mm) 700*540*1300 880*640*1300
Motor power (KW) 3 3
Weight (kg) 350 400
Capacity (pieces/h) 100-200 140-400