ZP23 Soup Cube Press Machine - Medical Machinery

Soup Cube Press Machine

This soup cube press machine is used to press the powder into two layer tablets or three layer tablets. Specially designed for the chicken flavor tablet, it is suitable for round pieces, carved characters or other special shapes.

1. This soup cube press machine is covered in stainless steel. The inner tablet surface also adopts stainless steel materials to protect the pills from cross pollution. It complies with GMP requirement.
2. It is equipped with plexiglass through which an operator can observe the working status of the machine.
3. Its side panels could be fully opened for easy cleaning and maintenance.
4. It adopts frequency changing, speed regulation apparatus for electricity regulation.
5. It is of overload protection function. The machine will stop automatically when it is overloaded.
6. This soup cube press machine is combined with electricity, touching key and screen. It is the first of soup cube press machine to use semi-automatically lubricating equipment and plexiglass anti-dust cover on the upper of revolving table.
7. The transmitting system is sealed in the oil box under the main machine and is a separate component. It causes no pollution and has good heat emission. In addition, it has good grinding resistance.
8. This soup cube press machine is equipped with powder absorbing apparatus, which could absorb the powder in the piece-pressing room.
9. Wearing parts like upper orbit, material charging machine, transmission pole, and powder measurer are made in standard structures. They share the same structures with ZP33 products.

Technical Parameter

Model ZP-23
Dies (sets) 23
Max. Pressure (Kn) 100
Max. dia. of tablet (mm) 30
Max. Thickness of tablet (mm) 12
Max. Depth of fill (mm) 25
Max production capacity (uptoф32mm) (pcs/h) 81000
Rotational diameter (mm) 445
Rotational speed of revolving table (r/min) 10-25
Diameter of middle mould (mm) 45
Highness of middle mould (mm) 30
Length of up and down punch pole (mm) 32
Length of up punch pole (mm) 175
Length of down punch pole (mm) 180
Overall dimensions(mm) 1000×1250×1900
Net weight (kg) 3200
Motor model YU132M4A
Motor (kW) 7.5
Voltage(V) 380

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