DZB-600 Soup Cube Wrapping Machine- Medical Machinery

Soup Cube Press Machine

DZB-600 soup cube wrapping machine is designed for packing tablets. It is an ideal packing machine for packing chicken flavor tablets, chocolates, sugar tablets, etc. With this single machine, tablet packing can be finished automatically. This soup cube wrapping machine is widely used in food industry.

1. This soup cube wrapping machine is controlled by PLC touch screen.
2. Made of stainless steel, this machine is in conformity with GMP standards.
3. It is of easy operation and adjustable speed.
4. This soup cube wrapping machine is compatible with our tablet feeding machines and tablet sending machines after packing. All these steps can be taken automatically.

Technical Parameters

Voltage 220V (could be customized upon request)
Totally Powder 1.65KW
Packing speed 60—120 tablet/min
Packing range 50×40×20mm(L×W×H)
The diameter of one roll packing material 300mm
Max width of the roll 100mm
Size for the machine 1700×800×1540mm
Weight 600KG

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