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Ceramics Ball Press Machine

Features of Ball Press Machine
1. This machine is a frame type hydraulic press. Three main cylinders are mounted inside the frame, with two rapid cylinders on both sides of main cylinders respectively and one charging valve on the bottom of three main cylinders respectively.
2. The three main cylinders are mounted inside the frame for providing mold clamping force required for static pressure. The tail of piston rods of two rapid cylinders are connected with mobile beam through flange, which can realize rapid drop of main cylinders firstly and slow drop later as well as rapid return of mobile beam and other actions.
3. Our ball press machine has such functions as no-load rapid speed, automatic slowing-down while closing die, automatic pressure holding after pressure arrival of main cylinder, pressurizing of isopiestic chamber, pressure holding at pressure arrival, pressure release of isopiestic chamber, pressure release of main cylinder, rise of main cylinder, rise of isopiestic chamber, forward shift of isopiestic chamber, overturn of isopiestic chamber, resetting of isopiestic chamber, automatic distribution, return of isopiestic chamber and drop of isopiestic chamber, and more.
4. This ball press machine features high working efficiency, less power consumption, low noise, stable working, simple operation, high safety and reliability.

Application of Ball Press Machine
This machine is especially suitable for isostatic forming of medium aluminum and high aluminum ceramic balls, which is not high in requirements of adobe density and shape.

Technical Parameters of Ball Press Machine

No Item Unit GD300S GD600 GD1200
1 Main pump setting working pressure Mpa 25 60 120
2 Pump pressure kN 3000 6000 12000
3 Pump moving distance mm 160 170 170
4 Static working pressure Mpa 45 45 60
5 Max. diameter for ball mm 60 60 60
6 Max. cavities for the max diameter ball 6 10 15
7 Working time less than s 36 36 36
8 Feed material way automatic automatic automatic
9 Ball out way automatic automatic automatic
10 Machine dimension m 1.6×3.2×3.2 1.8×4.0×3.3 1.9×4.2×3.5
11 Power kW 23.5 27.5 41.5
12 Weight t 7.5 10 12
13 The number per press Φ60 piece 6 10 15
Φ50 piece 8 12 18
Φ40 piece 12 18 21
Φ30 piece 12 18 21

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